MAA Constitution



We, the ex-students of the department of Marketing, University of Dhaka, through discussion and mutual understanding of cooperation established hereby formally a non-political, non-profit-making social welfare association under the name and title “The Marketing Alumni Association” in short “MAA” with a view to developing, fostering and maintaining mutual relationship of understanding among us, and other related fields and with a view to achieving goals set forth in the constitution.

Following formation of the MAA and later confirmed in a General Meeting of ex-students of Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka a draft constitution for the MAA is placed before the general body of the association for decision and adaptation.

In the General Meeting of the MAA held at the TSC on the day of December 31, 1997, we do hereby adopt and give to ourselves this constitution.

Further, affirming that it is the duty of all the members of the association to protect, safeguard and obey this constitution.

Honoring those who took initiative to establish this department under the University of Dhaka.


01. The name of the Organization will be MARKETING ALUMNI ASSOCIATION; Herein after referred to as Association and in brief it will be named as MAA. Monogram and Seal shall be designed and used upon the consent of the Executive Committee. The organization shall have a theme song according to attached annexure:Theme song .

02. Its Motto will be Marketing for Progress and Prosperity having a non-political, non-profit-making social well-being in the core.


03. The area of operation:

a) The registered office of the Association will be in Dhaka. Under the decision of the Executive Committee, there may be branch offices in any place both home and abroad.
b) The Association will conduct its activities throughout Bangladesh.


04. The objectives of the Association shall be:

a) to build the Association as a professional organization;
b) to hold seminar, symposium, workshop, debate and discussion on matters of marketing activities with a view to growing awareness on importance of marketing concept in Trade, Commerce, Industry and Society;
c) to build up relationship among the members of the Association through cultural, social and welfare programs;
d) to arrange training programmes for existing and new marketing professionals;
e) to highlight the problems and prospects of the marketing professionals, modern concepts, marketing research etc. through different media, journal publication etc.;
f) to establish a center like MIB (Marketer Institute of Bangladesh) for research on various fields of marketing and training of marketing and non-marketing professionals;
g) to make liaison with other Marketing Associations, exchange views and ideas, take up various projects jointly and arrange exchange programmes between various organizations both in home and abroad;
h) to unite the members of the Association through arranging reunion, picnic, tour, sports etc.;
i) to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standard in marketing profession;
j) to honor the alumni for their outstanding contribution;
k) to publish the activities of MAA and communicate with the alumni, home and abroad, in the form of newsletters, or magazines or in websites;
l) to orient the alumni for effective representation of different bodies like syndicate, senate etc. and organizations home and abroad;
m) to create a Kallayan Tahobil for providing financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students of the Department and the name of the fund shall be “Marketing Alumni Association KallayanTahobil”.
n) According to article 18, surplus amount of any year or amount from any source may be transferred to this fund with the consent of the EC members.


Any person irrespective of age, sex and religion who possesses any of the following degree from the Department of Marketing, Dhaka University may be a member of this Association:

  • a. B. Com (Hons.)
  • b. M. Com
  • c. BBA
  • d. MBA
  • e. EMBA
  • f. MPM
  • g. M.Phil
  • h. Phd

Types of Member
a. General Member
b. Life time Member

06. Membership fees
a. For general member, Tk.1500.00 only to be paid per year as membership fees by individual alumnus.
b. For life time member, Tk.5000.00 only to be paid as membership fees by individual alumnus.

Notwithstanding the qualifications, any person shall not be eligible to be a member, if s/he is declared to have an unsound mind or found guilty with appropriate reason by EC.


Any member may resign from this Association and said resignation shall become effective upon acceptance by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may withhold acceptance however, until all indebtedness has been paid and all funds and property (if any) have been returned.


Any member who shall be found to act against the interest of the Association may be expelled or his membership may be suspended for any particular period by two-third opinion of the Executive Committee. However, before taking any such action, a show cause notice shall be served on the concerned member giving at least 21 (Twenty One) days time to explain his position. If the incumbent member does not respond within the given time limit or if his explanations are not found satisfactory, his membership shall be cancelled. In addition, membership can be automatically cancelled in the death of the member.


10. a) There shall be an Executive Committee comprising the following 51 (Fifty One) office bearers:

i. President 1
ii. Vice-president 7
iii. General Secretary (GS) 1
iv. Joint Secretary 2
v. Treasurer 1
vi. Organizing Secretary 1
vii. Information & Public Relation Secretary 1
viii. Cultural Secretary 1
vix. Assistant Cultural Secretary 1
x. Publication Secretary 1
xi. Assistant Publication Secretary 1
xii. Office Secretary 1
xiii. Assistant Office Secretary 1
xiv. Legal Affairs Secretary 1
xv. Relief & Social Welfare Secretary 1
xvi. International Relation Secretary 1
xvii. Education & Research Secretary 1
xviii. Tourism & Hospitality Secretary 1
XiX. Event & Corporate Affairs Secretary 1
xx. Assistant Event & Corporate Affairs Secretary 1
xxi. ICT Secretary 1
xxii. Digital Communication Secretary 1
xxiii. Women Affairs Secretary 1
xxiv. Food & Entertainment Secretary 1
xxv. Student Welfare Secretary 1
xxvi. Executive Members 19

b. The term of the Executive Committee shall be for a period of three years from the time of taking oath. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if the tenure of the committee is to be extended, it must be informed in the next AGM. Any life-time member is worthy of being an EC member.

c. EC shall formulate the policy and procedures, programmes and activities of the association and shall be responsible for implementation of the same.


Duties and powers of the Executive Committee shall be as follows:
a) Executive Committee shall be responsible for formulation and execution of the policies, programmes and activities of the Association.
b) It may appoint sub-committee for any particular activity or programme of the Association.

i. President: The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Association. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and General Meeting of the Association. The President will coordinate activities among all the office-bearers and will be responsible for successful implementation of any programme of the Association.

ii. Vice-president: If the President is unable to perform the duties of his office for any reason, the Vice-president next in rank, shall occupy his position and perform his duties with the same authority as the President. Each Vice-president shall under the direction of the President oversee the functioning of the Association and will cooperate with the office bearers to implement the policy and/or programme of the Association.

iii. General Secretary: GS shall be under direction of the President and act as the liaison person between the Executive Committee and the Association. S/he will be the Coordinator of the Association. In fulfillment of this, s/he shall:
a. issue notice of all the meetings in consultation with the President.
b. submit reports to the Executive Committee meetings as well as General Meeting.
c. prepare minutes of the meeting and preserve the same.
d. circulate all decisions, policies and programs among the members.
e. be the custodian of all records, assets and properties.
f. distribute duties and responsibilities between Joint Secretary(s).
g. counter-sign on all types of bills and vouchers.
h. maintain cases if any.
i. appoint (employee to the EC), dismiss, provide wages, leave, punish etc. according to the approval of EC.
j. advise, coordinate with other secretary(s) and members.
k. sign on deed/agreement/contract (if necessary) by the approval of EC.

iv. Joint Secretary: If the General Secretary is unable to perform his duties of the office for any reason, the Joint Secretary next in rank, shall occupy the position and perform his duties with the same authorities as the General Secretary. In addition, Joint Secretary shall perform the duties provided by the General Secretary.

e. Treasurer:
a. He shall receive all money receivable by the Association and deposit the same in a Bank(s) account.
b. He will pay all dues payable by the Association. All cheques and vouchers shall be signed by him and countersigned by either President or General Secretary.
c. He will be custodian of all concerned financial records.
d. He may keep not more than twenty thousand cash with him by the consent of the President and the General Secretary.
e. He shall conduct all expenditure so far by cheque.
f. He shall prepare the annual income and expenditure report of the association for submission in the EC and AGM.
g. He shall get the report audited in the prescribed time.

vi. Organizing Secretary: S/he will be responsible to create, maintain, initiate and imple-ment programme for membership growth and development of the organization.

vii. Information Secretary: S/he will act like a Data Bank of the Association. S/he will create, maintain and develop a positive image of the Association.

viii. Cultural Secretary:

His duties shall be:
a. To arrange cultural and recreational activities like picnic, tour, cultural evening etc.
b. To arrange cultural competition, sports etc, among the members of the Association.

ix. Assistant Cultural Secretary: S/he shall assist Cultural Secretary in his duties to perform and act with full authority in his/her absence. S/he shall always perform his/her duties by the advice of Cultural Secretary/GS.

x. Publications Secretary: His/her responsibility includes publication of articles, research reports, yearly reports, bulletins, souvenirs, journal, albums, booklets both traditional and electronic etc. of the Association with the consultation of GS or decision by the EC.

xi. Assistant Publications Secretary: S/he shall assist Publication Secretary in his duties to perform and act with full authority in his/her absence. S/he shall always perform his/her duties by the advice of Publications Secretary/GS or decision by the EC.

xii. Office Secretary: His/her responsibility is to maintain the office of the Association by the advice of the GS or decision by the EC.

xiii. Assistant Office Secretary: S/he shall assist Office Secretary in his/her duties to perform and act with full authority in his absence. S/he shall always perform his/her duties by the advice of Office Secretary/GS.

xiv. Legal Affairs Secretary: S/he shall advice regarding legal issues related to the Association, its constitution whenever misconstrue arises and whenever Association have to face any legal step.

xv. Relief and Social Welfare Secretary: S/he shall perform duties of giving relief in times of need and engage in social welfare function according to the advice of the GS/EC.

xvi. International Affairs Secretary: As a representative of the Association, S/he shall maintain contacts with the students of the Marketing Department, DU in abroad.

xvii. Education & Research Secretary: S/he shall function to hold seminar, symposium, workshop, debate, quiz competition and discussion on matters of marketing activities with a view to growing awareness on importance of marketing concept in Trade, Commerce, Industry and Society.

xviii. Tourism & Hospitality Secretary: S/he shall be responsible for preparing tourist plan for marketing students or members of the EC etc., visitor information, producing promotional materials and displays, managing budgets, writing reports, and press releases, making presentations, maintaining statistical and financial records and related field.

xix. Event & Corporate Affairs Secretary: His/her duties may include: implementing the decisions of the EC, liaising with auditors, lawyers, taking minutes under the supervision of GS or decision by the EC.

xx. ICT Secretary: S/he shall be responsible for preparing the alumni membership database with full profile of members and maintaining and updating it; keep soft copies of all minutes of any meeting and all kinds of occasions.

xxi. Digital Communication Secretary: The Digital Communication Secretary is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of digital communication strategies for MAA. This role involves:
a. managing digital communication channels such as social media, websites, and email campaigns, and ensuring that they are used effectively to communicate key messages.
b. overseeing the organization's website, ensuring that it is up-to-date, user-friendly.
c. coordinating with other departments or agencies to ensure consistent messaging across all communication channels.

xxii. Women Affairs Secretary: She shall communicate and coordinate with women marketing students or professionals and exchange their views on profession to the GS/EC. And she shall consult with the GS/EC for the betterment of those who are promising.

xxiii. Food & Entertainment Secretary: S/he shall be responsible for selection of food, all types of entertainment items, quantity and rate advised by GS or decision by the EC.

xxiv. Students Welfare Secretary: S/he shall be responsible for scrutinizing the financially challenged students in the Department of Marketing and taking steps to ameliorate their condition, helping meritorious students to get stipend, arranging programs on professional fields and making EC aware of the same to pragmatize.

xxv. Executive Members
a. to cooperate with the departmental Secretaries in performing their duties with the consultation of GS or decision by the EC.
b. to perform the assigned duties and responsibilities and participate in the programs undertaken by the Association.


Comprising a chairman and other 4 members (maximum), there shall be a Search Committee approved by the EC to form a new Executive Committee (EC). Any member of the search committee shall be considered ineligible to be selected/elected for any other post other than to be EC member for the said duration.
In case of failure to select Office Bearers by the Search Committee or Search Committee can't be formed, the President with majority vote shall take final decision regarding arrangement of upcoming EC.


The Executive Committee or President shall form the Advisory Council for a duration (equal to that of EC) and it shall be comprised 20 (maximum) members of MAA. All of them shall have to be life-time members and hold senior position of the state like public & private services, business etc. The role of the advisory council would be to provide advices, formulate policies, support for betterment of the Association.


The committee shall have the power to form sub-committee headed by any member of EC from time to time to oversee specific functions, projects, etc. Any member of the Association may be co-opted to form any sub-committee. Divisional/International sub-committee may be formed for expansion of activities of MAA.

16. CO-OPT

In case of any vacant post of EC, it can be filled by any life-time competent member selected by the majority opinion of the EC members presented in person. If selection is not possible through the process, the decision of the President shall be termed as final.


President of MAA shall take oath (affirmation) by the Convener of the Search Committee, in the prescribed form described in Schedule II. In case of no Search Committee formed, President of MAA shall take oath by any Senior Alumni selected by the President. The other EC members including General Secretary shall take oath (affirmation) by the President of MAA, in the same Schedule. Oath will be taken within 45 (Forty five) days from the date of AGM/committee declared. lf oath is not taken by any member with the group/team, he/she will have to take oath within next 30 (Thirty) days, failing which the post shall be counted as vacate and re- election/selection shall be held or can be filled according to Article 16.


18. Meeting
a. Regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association shall be held once in two months, notice of regular meeting shall be signed by the General Secretary. Seven days notice shall be given for regular meetings.
b. Special meetings may also be called if deemed necessary and such meeting may be called with two days notice.
c. An Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at least once during the tenure/in each calendar year. At least 07 (Seven) days notice will be necessary for convening the same.
d. The presence in person of at least 10 (Ten) members of the Executive Committee shall be necessary for a quorum of at all meetings of the Executive Committee. No quorum will be necessary at any Annual General Meeting.


19. Fund
a. Membership fees, Subscriptions, Donations received from the members, well-wishers, Government and Business community will constitute the fund of the Association.
b. Earnings through publication of Journals, Booklets, News Letters, Books, Souvenirs etc. will also contribute to the fund of the Association.
c. Earnings through training programs, research projects, consultancy will also contribute to the fund of the Association.
d. d. All receipts shall be taken through the official receipt book printed by the Association and counter-signed by the GS. The Treasurer shall receive all the receipts and funds with the receipts and deposits the same in the bank account(s).


20. Audit
a. A practicing Chartered Accountant and a committee consisting of two members of the Association nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Committee shall audit all the books and accounts and financial records of the Association and prepare a report thereof for submission in Annual General Meeting for approval.
b. One or both of the committee members shall counter-sign all the bills paid by Association after proper verification. Any objection arisen on them shall be recorded properly for presentation to the Executive Committee.


21. Bank Account
a. On recommendation by the Executive Committee, the Treasurer will open a Bank(s) account.
b. All Bank Accounts shall be operated by joint signature of the Treasurer and General Secretary or President.


22. Amendment
a. This constitution may be amended at any General Meeting of the Association by the Affirmative opinion of majority of the members present in person.
b. No amendment shall be put to opinion, unless written notice there of stating the proposed amendment shall have been mailed or delivered personally to the members of the Association at least 3 (Three) days prior to the General Meeting at which the opinion on the proposed amendment is to be taken.


23. Authenticity
There shall be an authentic text of this constitution in Bengali, and an authentic text of an authorized translation in English, both of which shall be certified as such by the President of the Executive Committee.


24. Winding Up
If three-fourth of the members of the general body individually want in writing to wind up the Association, it can be done in an Annual General Meeting with the presence of at least three-fourth of the applicants in person.
If on the winding up or dissolution of the Association there shall remain, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall be handed over to such an organization which is working for the promotion of Marketing in the country.

Updated: March 23, 2023
AGM of Marketing Alumni Association (MAA)